8 Songs That Keep Us Together 8

8 Songs That Keep Us Together 8
  • DATE

    May 2, 2015

  • Venue

    Resorts World Theatre

    8 Sentosa Gateway
    Singapore 098269
  • Ticket Price
    (Exclude booking fee)
    S$48.00 - S$148.00
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Songs that keep us together8. Welcome to the 'Mingyao' extravaganza! Featuring hugely popular and widely revered figures at the height of the "Mingyao" fever, Ye JiaXiu 叶佳修, Wang MengLei 王梦麟,Jin ZhiJuan 娃娃,Yu TaiYan 于台烟 and Wang HaiLing 王海玲。

Ye JiaXiu,叶佳修,is a widely renowned composer cum revered singer. He is recognised as one of the founding fathers of Taiwan 'mingyao', and he won the "lifetime achievement" award during the 8th edition of the Taiwanese music awards. His famous songs like《乡间的小路上》, 《外婆的澎湖湾》, 《 踏着夕阳归去》,《思念总在分手后》are hugely popular not only among mature audiences but also among school going children, but also because of its catchy melodies.

Wang MengLei,王梦麟,is revered in Taiwan as a prominent musician cum composer, and he has composed many evergreen hits like 《阿美阿美》,《一家欢乐百家愁》,《欢乐假期》,《雨中即景》、,《木棉道》,《母亲我爱您》,《献给父亲》. Don’t miss Wang Menglei’s rendition of his own famous hits.

Jin ZhiJuan 娃娃,is known as Taiwan first female rocker. Her numerous hit songs《就在今夜》,《为何梦见他》,《绿色的水滴》,《明天会更好》,《大风吹》,《梦醒时分》,《漂洋过海来看你》are classic evergreens and are well-loved sing-alongs karaoke favourites

Wang Hailing王海玲, since emerging as the champion of 1979 《金韵奖(六)》 released《忘了我是谁》, and has gone onto further musical career heights. Boosting a clean penetrating voice, she was titled “the golden voice”, and has gone on to record other hits like 《偈》.

Yu TaiYan 于台烟,is another singer who had come through 《金韵奖(五)》fame.《化裝舞會》propels her to instant stardom and she released numerous hit songs like《是你在說抱歉嗎》,《我想你不是真心愛我》,《想你的夜》,《錯過你錯過愛》.

So many classic evergreens, retelling of stories of our lives in the 70s and 80s. Come join the musical journey as songs8 bring us together , rekindling our fond memories of yesteryears.