Friday Evening Lecture - Ancient Shipwrecks in Asian Waters

Friday Evening Lecture - Ancient Shipwrecks in Asian Waters

Shipwrecks have always fascinated people, as much for their mystery and adventure as for their tragic endings, but they are also time capsules that give us insight into the peoples and cultures of a specific dateable time in history. This talk will focus on the most common reasons for ancient shipwrecks, introduce a few of the most important shipwrecks discovered in Asian waters, and share what they have learned from them.

About the speaker

Patricia Bjaaland Welch has a Master's degree in Asian Studies from Boston University, where she taught Chinese religion and philosophy before joining the University of Oslo, Norway. She relocated to Asia in 1987 and currently divides her time between Bangkok and Singapore. She is a frequent speaker at the Siam Society, Bangkok, regional ceramic societies and cruise ships. She is the author of several publications, including Chinese New Year (1995) and Chinese Art: A Guide to Motifs and Visual Imagery (2008).

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