Black Magic 2 (勾魂降头)

Black Magic 2 (勾魂降头)
  • DATE

    May 8, 2015

  • Venue

    National Museum of Singapore

    93 Stamford Road
    Singapore 178897
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Black Magic 2 is a gory horror-exploitation thriller set in a nameless, modernized tropical city. Partly shot in Singapore, the film imagines the quintessential modern city as an urban locale besieged by rampant traditional witchcraft and evil sorcery. A bizarre range of occult phenomena ensues: victims’ bodies vomit worms, become bloated with gruesome fetuses, develop bloody warts or melt down into gluey substances. A group of doctors trained in Western medicine are split between believing in the existence of black magic – rumored to be practiced by witch doctors in Southeast Asia – or keeping faith with modern science to find the cure for the strange zombie-like illnesses that victims in the city are afflicted with.