Bujang Lapok (The Three Bachelors)

Bujang Lapok (The Three Bachelors)
  • DATE

    May 10, 2015

  • Venue

    National Museum of Singapore

    93 Stamford Road
    Singapore 178897
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Following his directorial successes with Penarek Becha (1955), Samerah Padi (1956) and Anak-ku Sazali(1956), P. Ramlee, reached eternal stardom with Bujang Lapok, a refreshingly modern comedy that took film audiences by storm resulting in three equally popular sequels. Bujang Lapok chronicles the romantic escapades of three bachelors, Ramil (P. Ramlee), Aziz (Aziz Sattar) and Sudin (S. Shamsuddin).

A big part of the film’s popularity lies in the infectiously relaxed conviviality between the stars. Bujang Lapok also announces the arrival of P. Ramlee’s most well-loved screen persona; that of the cheeky, wise-cracking beloved rascal. Many lines and gestures have since been adopted by the general populace that are instantly recognisable to this day, including the famous closing line of the film, 'Jangan marah (Don’t be angry)'.