Conquer the Odds and Gain Success in 2015

Conquer the Odds and Gain Success in 2015

Chinese metaphysics use the stars in the universe to estimate certain influences in our lives. At the beginning of the year, these stars are read into. The effect has 'earthly influence' on us, in that it affects the Qi distribution inside our homes/properties. It also has 'heavenly influence' on us that may affect our well-being that particular year.

While Chinese New Year falls on 19 February 2015, the actual crossing of the year into a new one falls on 4 February 2015.

Join in the presentation and get to know which are some of the good areas in your home or office. The more one 'activates' the area, the better the opportunity outlook will be in that year.

Not just that, you will also get to learn where are the bad sectors in 2015. Having a good outlook is not sufficient. Our happiness and well-being are also affected by the stars. We can read its effect that corresponds to the year of birth, popularly known as our zodiacs. For example, in the coming year of Goat, those that are born in the year of Dragon will enjoy good times as the Prosperity Star is supporting them.

Highlights - Outlook of the different zodiacs, Good and Bad areas in your home or office and Auspicious dates to start work after the Chinese New Year break

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