Dikir Barat

Join the Dikir Barat groups of Republic Polytechnic as they bring you an evening of songs that celebrate life and the way of life of the Malay people. The all-male ensemble, Wira, will kick-start the evening and the all-female ensemble, Endang, will round of the night with their rousing vocals.

Republic Polytechnic’s Dikir Barat consists of Endang (Female group) and Wira (Male group). Under the tutelage of instructor Hairil Annuar, the groups have participated actively in various competitions, performances, outreach programmes and external events, such as Reflections 2011 - RP’s Community Arts Festival, Ramadhan On Wheels and Dikir Amal Aidilfitri.
The group also has many achievements under their belt. In 2013, they received the Overall Champion with the Best Lead Vocalist, 2nd Vocalist as well as the Best Lyrics at the Piala Suara Serumpun, an annual inter-polytechnic dikir barat competition.