• DATE

    May 13, 2015

  • Venue

    The Arts House

    1 Old Parliament Lane
    Singapore 179429
  • This event has passed

Enigma is truly a versatile music-making machine - whether it’s Dance Pop, World-music, R & B, Rock, Reggae, you name it, Enigma has it.

Front liners, Haizad and Sharmila are both recognized and respected figures in the local music industry. While Haizad rocks the stage with his strong stage presence, Sharmila compliments herself perfectly with her sweet soul voice and ever-gyrating hips.

The Band: Mel-Drums, Eddy-Guitar, Dindo-Keyboards, Bai-Bass With more than 10 years of live-stage experience, they exude chemistry that simply hooks! For every show that ENIGMA puts up, they have never failed to wow and pump up the party.