Everlasting Hits 2015 Concert

Everlasting Hits 2015 Concert
  • DATE

    Jun 13, 2015

  • Venue

    Marina Bay Sands - Grand Theatre

    10 Bayfront Avenue
    Singapore 018956
  • Ticket Price
    (Exclude booking fee)
    S$58.00 - S$158.00
  • This event has passed

Yu Tian started out as a singer and host in the highly rated TV programme《群星会》and his 1977 signature song《榕树下》is still a hit after all these years. His many other hit songs such as 《追梦》, 《大丈夫》,《原谅我吧 !心上人》,《舞台》, 《对你怀念特别多》, 《怀念妈妈》《又是黄昏》,《不如归去》,《冬恋》are still popular. Yu is currently hosting in Taiwan and programme received high ratings.

Li Ya Ping started her singing career in 1968 with her signature song《醒来吧!雷梦娜》and successfully won the hearts of many Singaporean and Malaysian fans! Other songs in her repertoire include 《我该怎么办》, 《黄昏雨》, 《小花夕阳下》, 《为什么忘不了》 and 《再来一个》.

Come and be reminisced by these familiar tunes that charms everyone during the 70s and 80s.