Happiness is... Finding The Garden Lies Within

Happiness is...  Finding The Garden Lies Within

We invited many artists whom we have presented over the years—and who have grown with us —to respond to the theme of These Sacred Things. We asked them to describe what is sacred to them at home (be it their immediate home environment or Singapore at large) and reflect on the notion of sacredness.

Happiness is...  Finding The Garden Lies Within  

The works span a wide range of mediums, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, videos, installations as well as site-specific works and indefinable mediums. Together, these contribute to a tapestry of diverse visions, ideas and textures that is rich in meaning.

In this series, the ambiguous relationship between reality and fantasy, fact and fiction are explored. Ernest Chan engages in automatic drawing to investigate private fantasies in the realm of the subconscious; he delves into how one’s identity and innermost thoughts are revealed as one’s mind is freed—from social obligations and stereotypical perceptions—during imaginative play.

Inspired by stories, myths, models, props and photography, he creates layers of spatial complexity and narratives through painting, drawing, mixed media and printmaking.