Geo|Graphic: Celebrating maps and their stories

Geo|Graphic: Celebrating maps and their stories
  • DATE

    Jan 16, 2015 - Jul 19, 2015

  • Venue

    Central Public Library

    100 Victoria Street
    Singapore 188064
  • This event has passed

Image caption: Sheet 14 showing islands like Pulau Bukom and Semakau off the west coast of mainland Singapore 1924

Source: Singapore Land Authority, Courtesy of National Archives of Singapore

Maps are fascinating objects; they not only tell us about the places they depict but also how their makers saw the world around them.

For Singapore in particular, maps are a window to our early history – before the arrival of the British in 1819.

The National Library is pleased to present Geo|Graphic, an offering of exhibitions and programmes that explore maps and mapping.

Geo|Graphic will showcase the following exhibitions:

- Singapore’s First Topographical and City Map

- Mind the Gap: Mapping the Other

- Land of Gold and Spices: Early Maps of Southeast Asia and Singapore

- Island of Stories: Singapore Maps


Bibliotopia | by Michael Lee

Bibliotopia | by Michael Lee

In this work titled Bibliotopia, Michael Lee uses the device of the mind map to uncover the “secret bookscape” of Singapore’s book culture. Focusing on the genres of short fiction, horror and the teen novel through the literary output of Catherine Lim, Russell Lee and Adrian Tan – the artist draws out secrets that are hidden within, or exposed by, narratives on identity, adolescence, and the ghostly in Singapore.

Michael Lee is an artist, curator and publisher, whose works focus on urban memory and fiction, with an emphasis on their contexts and issues of loss.