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Kids & Family In Singapore

KidsFest 2017 - Horrible Histories Awful Egyptians

Jan 25, 2017 - Jan 28, 2017
S$42.00 - S$62.00

From the fascinating Pharaohs to the power of the pyramids, join the Horrible Histories team on a sixty minute adventure in awful Egypt!

Discover the foul facts of death and decay with the meanest mummies in town – find out why they made their mummies and how they did it!

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KidsFest 2017 - Stick Man

Jan 26, 2017 - Jan 29, 2017
S$42.00 - S$62.00

But the world outside the family tree is a dangerous place for Stick Man. A dog wants to play fetch with him, a swan builds a nest with him and he even ends up on a fire!

How will Stick Man ever get back to the family tree?

Guarantees more fun than you can shake a stick at!

Touching, funny and utterly original, this award-winning production features a trio of top actors and is packed full of puppetry, songs, live music and funky moves.

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KidsFest 2017 - Horrible Histories The Best of Barmy Britain

Jan 27, 2017 - Jan 29, 2017
S$42.00 - S$62.00

They all want to meet people from history. The trouble is everyone is dead!

So it’s time to prepare yourselves for a special production of Horrible Histories featuring your favourite characters from their barmy past to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Barmy Britain!

Could you beat battling Boudica? What if you caught the putrid plague? Will King John be a martyr for the Magna Carta? Will you lose your heart or your head to Henry VIII? Can Parliament survive gunpowder Guy? Escape the clutches of Burke and Hare and move to the groove with party queen, Victoria!

It’s the history of Britain with the nasty bits left in!

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BBC Earth's Steve Backshall in Deadly 60 Live! Pole to Pole

Feb 3, 2017 - Feb 5, 2017
S$30.00 - S$280.00

Need help with answering your children's questions about wildlife and the natural world? Let award-winning naturalist Steve Backshall help you out with his entertaining and educational LIVE show in Singapore. Based on the hit BBC Earth series, "Deadly 60 Pole to Pole", the star of one of the most popular children's shows on the planet is coming to Singapore February 3 - 5. Steve will answer all your questions and share his experiences travelling from the South Pole to the North Pole, and his gripping encounters with majestic creatures from all corners of the globe.

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KidsFest 2017 - Romeo and Juliet Untold

Feb 4, 2017 - Feb 5, 2017
S$42.00 - S$62.00

Behind all great stories are the people you probably didn’t notice. Shakespeare may not have mentioned them, but they are the ones who really know what happened.

The ultimate romance – of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers – retold from the perspective of the Capulets’ party planner.

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Huayi 2017 - Child's Play

Feb 5, 2017 - Feb 12, 2017

Legend has it that every Chinese New Year, a beast named Nian appears and creates trouble on earth. There is a way to defeat it, yet the powerful monster strikes fear in everyone’s hearts. Who will be courageous enough to help?

Calling all brave children to come forth and be part of this heroic adventure to chase away the ferocious Nian!

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KidsFest 2017 -The Snail and the Whale

Feb 9, 2017 - Feb 12, 2017
S$42.00 - S$62.00

Lift wanted around the world...

Join a tiny snail on her trip round the world in Tall Stories’ magical, musical adaptation of the fantastic picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

Longing to see the world, a tiny snail hitches a lift on the tail of a humpback whale. Together they go on an amazing adventure - but when the whale gets beached, how will the snail save him? Follow the tiny snail’s exciting journey, as seen through the eyes of an adventurous young girl and her seafaring father...

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Parent-Child Workshop - FANtastic Fun!

Feb 11, 2017
S$30.00 - S$45.00

Since ancient times, Chinese fans have been used not only for keeping one cool, but also as an accessory, as well as a canvas for embroidery and painted art work. Get crafty with your child in this workshop and make your own beautiful handmade fans, using craft sticks, paper and fun painting techniques.

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JiuJian with LUV 2017 30th Anniversary Concert

Feb 14, 2017

A Special Musical Affair with Jiu Jian, Singapore’s award-winning singer-songwriter. Walk down memory lane with award-winning Xinyao classics and local drama theme songs. He will also perform evergreen love songs in 5 languages, 'December Rain' (Singapore’s first-ever original Mandarin musical , 1996) and 'Ge Tai -The Musical' (2016), well-known songs that he penned for several popular Asian singers and some new songs. Celebrate 30 years of Music at Jiu Jian with Luv 2017 Concert.

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Pop-Up Spice Odyssey by At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy

Feb 17, 2017 - Nov 17, 2017

Wouldn’t you like to savour a different type of culinary event?  Imagine going on a journey through several tantalizing ‘kingdoms’, each with a particular herb or spice serving as the basis of some truly amazing recipes. Come hungry to be delighted.  You will sample more than 30 intricate tapas (savoury and sweet) passionately prepared by our graduating students, as they display their creativity and outrageous talent in ingenious culinary creations.  Spice Odyssey pops up every five weeks.  Only 40 seats are available for each event.

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