Legends of Lust (风月奇谭)

Legends of Lust (风月奇谭)
  • DATE

    May 9, 2015

  • Venue

    National Museum of Singapore

    93 Stamford Road
    Singapore 178897
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Famous historical drama director Li Han-hsiang bent the sexual rules with his lavish period pieces and with Legends Of Lust, he introduces the portmanteau film concept to Chinese cinema, a trilogy of carnal bedtime stories that not only pushed the envelope, but also sealed and labelled it 'Warning - Not for the faint of heart'. Breaking free from traditional portrayal of women, Li’s women are not protagonists having sex for some noble cause like saving the country, but are either insipid sexual objects for male desire, like the Betty Pei Ti in 'The Immoral Spouse', or strong women who have sex because they want it, as with newcomer Liu Wu-chi in 'The Child Groom' and the fantasy fulfilling Hsia Wen in 'The Cuckold'. Li's licentiously crazed flicks increasingly drove audiences to hushed euphoria.