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Leisure & Sports In Singapore

Gogreen Segway at Eco Adventure

S$12.00 - S$80.00

See Sentosa like never before… on a Segway® Personal Transporter (PT)! Asia’s FIRST Segway® leisure experience on Sentosa’s stretch of sun-kissed beaches.

Hop on the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) for an introductory experience on the Segway Fun Ride, a circuit ride full of twists and turns. Trainers are always on hand to assist you and in a matter of minutes you will master this futuristic mobility device. 

Segway Eco Adventure

Explore the wonderful sights of the island while effortlessly travelling on the Segway PT along the beaches of Sentosa. Choose from a 30mins Segway Eco Adventure which brings you to either Siloso Beach or Palawan Beach.

Ticket prices exclude entrance fees to Sentosa.  Check here more information.


Human Body Experience (HBX)

S$15.00 - S$20.00

If you’ve always wanted to explore the fascinating workings of the human body, why not dive right in? This journey takes you inside the human anatomy, through organs, muscles and systems, and lets you interact and play with the amazing functions of the body.

This feast of light, sound and pneumatics makes this exhibition a perfect way for adults and children to be educated, excited and enlightened about the human body. You’ll step into the mouth of a 6m tall human face into a journey through the fascinating human anatomy. See, hear and feel what it’s like to be an explorer inside five main systems of your body: the circulatory, digestive, immune, nervous and respiratory systems.

Closures in 2015
5 Jan

2 Feb; 9 Feb

2 Mar; 9 Mar

6 Apr; 20 Apr

4 May: 25 May

29 Jun

27 Jul

3 Aug

21 Sep

5 Oct

2 Nov; 16 Nov

14 Dec.


ArtScience Museum

S$17.00 - S$25.00

The world's first ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands is the Museum of Creativity, where the creative processes at the heart of art and science and their role in shaping society are explored. 

Featuring 21 gallery spaces totaling 50,000 square feet, the boldly iconic lotus-inspired ArtScience Museum is also the premier venue for major international touring exhibitions from the most renowned collections in the world. 


Pottery Painting


Painting need on to restricted to a 2D plane.

Gain a fresh perspective to painting by painting on a 3D form.  Painting of 3D form such as creative vessels, coin-banks, and decorative ornaments not only beautifies the ordinary ware, but becomes a permanent keepsake. Take home immediately option available, using quality acrylic paint.

Commemorate special events with pottery painting or give a special someone with a personalized painted gift.

Using Acrylic Paints non-fired option is available.

Price ranges from $14.80 for a baby seal to $19.80 for a cupcake box to a $54.80 for a 13" plate.  

Please call or email for more information.


Defending Science

S$6.00 - S$12.00

Enter the mysterious world of defence scientists and engineers, and discover how science changes the rules of the game on the battlefield! A collaboration between DSO National Laboratories and Science Centre Singapore, the Defending Science exhibition is a mind-blowing experience filled with multimedia exhibits, interactive games and adrenaline-packed workshops. So get ready to be wowed in four exciting zones of Armour and Protection, Stealth and Surveillance, Flight and Radar!  


Stealth and Surveillance

See while being unseen – that is one of the key factors to military success. Learn how stealth and surveillance technologies can help to evade detection, collect intelligence and infiltrate enemy lines in this zone. There is also an interactive Out of Sight exhibit that allows the players to search for targets through the “eyes” of the visual, infra-red and hyperspectral cameras.


Science of Flight

Conquer the higher powers with defence science! Today’s modern military aircraft are made possible with the study of simple scientific concepts like lift, drag and flutter. Learn more about them and explore the nature of gravity and air, how aircraft wings work and supersonic flight in this fascinating zone.


Armour and Protection

Stand tall against all odds and break the unbreakable. As technology becomes more advanced, tanks and other armoured vehicles must constantly evolve to defend against new threats. In this zone, uncover the science behind the threats that tanks face and how armour can defeat them.





Overcome the limits of sight with radar. Used extensively in military and non-military applications, radars can see far beyond our naked eyes, form images that look almost like photographs and measure the speed of a moving object. Originally developed as a top-secret military technology, this zone reveals how radar systems work, the ways to reduce detection and how they are being used in space!


Lunch with Parrots at Jurong Bird Park

S$18.00 - S$28.00

Dining, a great show and the company of our birds. That’s what we’ll serve up at our unique Jurong Bird Park dining experiences. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, organising a corporate function or just hunting for a new dining experience, you can be assured of a tantalising menu along with fantastic “in-flight”entertainment.


Pre-Theatre Menu at Olivia Cassivelaun Fancourt

S$38.00 - S$48.00

Named after Olivia Cassivelaun Fancourt (OCF), the first wife of Sir Stamford Raffles, this French eatery sits gladly by his statue at The House of Timbre. At OCF, the head gourmet expert, Jonathan Koh's reasoning is basic: 'To regard deliver and use it in its prime.' To do as such, he serves up regular dishes as "Unconditional authority", which is a clear card which serves unconstrained food by living up to expectations with Nature's finest fixings.


A, B… C’s for Climbing! (Fun Climb)


Experience the exciting sport of rock climbing with this introductory workshop! A, B… C’s for Climbing! is specially designed to help first-timers get started in a fun and safe environment. Under the supervision and support of our friendly, experienced RockGUIDEs, the little ones will learn basic climbing techniques as well as get hands on on both top-rope climbing and bouldering! Now, get ready to take your first step uP!

Duration: 2 hours

School fees: $30/pax (20% off for The Rock School members & PA members)

Date & time: Several timings available. Check out our timetable here!

Class size: max 12pax

Class type: Parents welcome to stay


DIY BBQ by the Beach (Every Weekend)


At Wave House Sentosa, everyone can be their own chefs. We've got everything ready, from BBQ pit to marinated meats and down to the cutlery! 

No setup, cleaning, no hassle! Indulging in a BBQ has been easier! So head on down to Wave House Sentosa for some barbecue-grilled chow down now! 
- Chicken Mid Wings &Drumlets (10pcs)
- Marinated Fish Fillet (600g)
- Chicken Sausage (10pcs)
- CHOOSE EITHER Marinated Beef Rump (600g) OR Lamb Chop (600g)
- CHOOSE EITHER Chicken Satays (25pcs) OR Mutton Satays (25pcs)
- Chicken Chipolatas (10pcs)
- Colesaw
- 5 Bottles of Dasani Drinking Water (600ml)
- Instant BBQ Pit with Cutlery

Call for enquiries and reservations as there are limited tables available. 

Prices exclude entrance tickets to Sentosa.  Check here more information on Sentosa tickets.

My First Clay Mug


This is a great way to experience clay and be able to make a unique and yet usable mug.

Learn how to transform a pre-formed cylindrical clay shape into a creative and yet functional mug. Style a mug that expresses your personality and taste. Learn from experienced ceramicists and this amazing experience may well be the beginning of a fulfilling adventure in clay.

Course Fee: $45 (1 x 1.5hrs)
-1 Guided Session of 1.5 hours
-1 pre-made cylindrical mug
-2nd mug at $25 each
-Option for half hour glazing – colouring session for only $8 per mug (wide selection of colours)
-Includes studio glazing (to gloss-up the mug)

Course outline:
-Introduction to pottery tools.
-Design and layout.
-Carving and addition techniques.
-Option for on-the-spot glazing using under glazing (Half an hour session.)
Class Schedule:
Every Wed: 2 – 3:30pm
Every Sat & Sun: 2- 3:30pm
Other timings are available.  Please call for more information