Lucy Prebble's The Effect

Lucy Prebble's The Effect
  • DATE

    Sep 8, 2015 - Sep 13, 2015

  • Venue

    Drama Centre

    100 Victoria Street
    #05-01 National Library Building
    Singapore 188064
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Set in the connection of a medication trial, The Effect investigates the way of intimate romance and the impact of their neurobiology on their feelings and activities. The play sees brain science understudy Connie and drifter Tristan meet at a clinical trial for another upper, and tails them as they gradually fall for one another. In any case, things are convoluted when they are uncertain if their sentiments are because of adoration or the impacts of the medications. This brings up the vital issues - in what manner would they be able to make certain of what they feel? On the off chance that a compound can make them lose handle of their recollections, what is left to characterize their identity? Is it true that they are basically the physical constituent of their various body organs, or is there something supernatural living inside of their levelheadedness that makes them- them?