M1 Fringe Festival 2016: Cornering A Hare

M1 Fringe Festival 2016: Cornering A Hare

First presented at Urban Art Space (Columbus, USA) in 2014, Cornering a Hare by Paige Phillips is a durational performance art piece within a solo exhibition that examined how ritual, through repetition and duration, plays a part in identity formation.

This anthropomorphic creature pulls from the hare's many representations throughout pop-culture and art history-symbolic examples include: trickster, Christ, fertility and the bearer of Spring, among others - to present a complex character who is simultaneously frightened and angry, innocent and dangerous.

It is unclear if he is placed in the corner as punishment or if he has been cornered as prey by an unknown force. He sits on his stool as if awaiting an answer, and confronts the passer-by with a quizzical gaze, hoping they can deliver an answer to his fate.

The title is inspired by the Chinese proverb, "Even a cornered hare will bite."

Paige Phillips' work is situated on the border between the performing and visual arts, and is primarily concerned with physical/mental endurance challenges and the recontextualization of rituals.