Macapat: Spiritual Poetry of Java

Macapat: Spiritual Poetry of Java
  • DATE

    Apr 26, 2014 - Apr 27, 2014

  • Venue

    Esplanade - Concourse

    1 Esplanade Drive
    03 Esplanade - Theatres On the Bay
    Singapore 038981
  • TIME
    Saturday: from 20:15 to 00:00
    Sunday: from 16:00 to 00:00
  • This event has passed

Witness one of the oldest forms of traditional Javanese vocal music, Macapat, as Classical Vocalists from Solo; Fajar Satriadi, Wahyu Santoso Prabowo, Rambat Yulianingsih and Mutiara Dewi Fatimah, showcases the art at Esplanade.


Aside from being one of the oldest form of traditional Javanese vocal music, in one level, it is also a kind of storytelling that features the tales from ancient Hindu and Javanese literature and stories from present times. On another level, when it is accompanied by rythmic gamelan music and stylised dance movements, it is equivalent to a spiritual medium, through which prayers and pleas are sent to God. The Spiritual Poetry is said to bring peace and spiritual connection for those who participate in it. Don't miss the chance and head down to the Esplanade this April.