Masks by Amir Nikravan

Masks by Amir Nikravan
  • DATE

    Dec 12, 2015 - Jan 17, 2016

  • Venue


    22 Lock Road
    #01-35 Gillman Barracks
    Singapore 108939
  • This event has passed

Despite their impasto appearance, Amir Nikravan’s paintings are optical mirages that fuse painting, photography and sculpture in a process that produces indexical veracity and illusionism but results in completely flat images; they are photorealistic ‘still life’ paintings of paintings, posing both a subtle critique and paradoxical demonstration of abstract painting’s ability to elicit the fundamental complexities of art and objecthood.

This December, ARNDT is pleased to present Masks, a solo exhibition of new paintings by the American artist. For his first solo exhibition with the gallery Nikravan will present a selection of works that perform the process of masking - covering, blocking, disguising - in both literal and metaphorical ways.