Melodies of Immortal Lands by Taoist Orchestra

Melodies of Immortal Lands by Taoist Orchestra
  • DATE

    Apr 27, 2014

  • Venue

    Esplanade - Concourse

    1 Esplanade Drive
    03 Esplanade - Theatres On the Bay
    Singapore 038981
  • TIME
    Sunday: from 18:15 to 20:45
  • This event has passed

Immerse yourself to the 'Melodies of Immortal Lands' as Taoist Orchestra showcases various rituals and prayers with purposes ranging from celebration of deities, prayers for good and fortune and the aversion of calamity. The music accompanying the rituals have evolved over the centuries with the influences from ancient pre-Taoist ritual music and created its own unique structure and style.


Taoist music is centred on the chanting and recitation of sacred verses, accompanied by instrumental ensembles of either a more lyrical or percussive nature.