Modal featuring Seng Wei

Modal featuring Seng Wei
  • DATE

    Mar 9, 2016

  • Venue


    133 Cecil Street
    #B1-02 Keck Seng Tower
    Singapore 069535
  • This event has passed

Seng Wei was indoctrinated in the electronic dance music scene whilst still a student in university in L.A. Since graduating and returning to Singapore in late 2003, he started DJing as a hobby. Gradually, Seng Wei's devotion and passion for the electronic music scene escalated into something more as he gained experience playing out at clubs and various outdoor events. He bought his first proper dance compilation back in 99’-­‐ Clubber’s guide to Trance by ATB, which was an influential moment that saw Seng Wei branch out and start to discover other styles of dance music such as House.