More than a Garden - Exhibition

More than a Garden - Exhibition
  • DATE

    Nov 7, 2014 - Nov 30, 2014

  • Venue

    URA City Gallery

    45 Maxwell Road
    Singapore 069118
  • This event has passed

Find out what makes then Botanic Gardens so special at More Than A Garden. Beyond the lush greenery and resplendent orchids that we associate with the nation’s beloved public park, the Gardens has a long history that reflects in some way, Singapore’s own journey of development. It is one of the most well-preserved British botanic gardens in the region, and key to the transformation of Southeast Asia’s landscape and the rubber economy. Learn more about how the rubber plant brought prosperity to Singapore and her neighbours, and experience the beauty of the orchids that have made Singapore world-famous! Through this exhibition on the 155-year-old Gardens, trace Singapore’s progress from a colony to a garden city, and discover what makes our Botanic Gardens truly more than a garden.