My First Clay Mug

My First Clay Mug

This is a great way to experience clay and be able to make a unique and yet usable mug.

Learn how to transform a pre-formed cylindrical clay shape into a creative and yet functional mug. Style a mug that expresses your personality and taste. Learn from experienced ceramicists and this amazing experience may well be the beginning of a fulfilling adventure in clay.

Course Fee: $45 (1 x 1.5hrs)
-1 Guided Session of 1.5 hours
-1 pre-made cylindrical mug
-2nd mug at $25 each
-Option for half hour glazing – colouring session for only $8 per mug (wide selection of colours)
-Includes studio glazing (to gloss-up the mug)

Course outline:
-Introduction to pottery tools.
-Design and layout.
-Carving and addition techniques.
-Option for on-the-spot glazing using under glazing (Half an hour session.)
Class Schedule:
Every Wed: 2 – 3:30pm
Every Sat & Sun: 2- 3:30pm
Other timings are available.  Please call for more information