Our Story, Our Dreams 【 阮的故事,阮的戏】

Our Story, Our Dreams 【 阮的故事,阮的戏】
  • DATE

    Sep 28, 2014

  • Venue

    The Arts House

    1 Old Parliament Lane
    Singapore 179429
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  • This event has passed

Our Story, Our Dreams is a multi-disciplinary performance integrating opera, drama and dance, that is based on four different excerpts from the traditional opera repertoire. The Sim Siew Tin Hokkien Opera Troupe has dedicated 28 years to pursue their dream of exploring and developing drama arts. Through this performance, the troupe aims to encourage new artistic creation and also bring the art of opera to greater heights.

阮的故事,阮的戏, 综合戏曲、舞蹈和话剧的艺术形式, 和通过四出传统戏曲剧目的片段,带出团员们热爱芗剧艺术、创造芗剧艺术和维护芗剧艺术为主轴的一个试验剧目 ,解读薌劇團28年来执着追究戏曲文化艺术的梦想和毅力。