Recess presents GTA with Lincey

Recess presents GTA with Lincey
  • DATE

    May 6, 2016

  • Venue


    17 Jiak Kim Street
    Singapore 169420
  • Ticket Price
    (Exclude booking fee)
    S$28.00 - S$33.00
  • This event has passed

Despite GTA’s wild, unpredictable sets, everything the duo does – both on stage and in the studio – is unified by a simple mission statement - Death To Genres. The duo’s openmindedness is closely tied to their Miami roots, as they were exposed to urban, electronic rock and Latin sounds in equal measure. Promoting their genrefree ethos, Toth and Mejia have become bona fide tastemakers to fans and fellow artists alike, proving that 'dance music' is best defined as whatever makes you move. Whether you prefer to say the powerhouse duo is killing genres or creating their own, one thing is clear - GTA is on a bold musical mission, and they’re taking them along for the ride.