Outdoor Games Day

Outdoor Games Day
  • DATE

    Feb 7, 2015 - Mar 7, 2015

  • Venue

    Bishan Park Lawn 1

    Singapore 569981
  • This event has passed

The highly anticipated Seeker's Trail Booklet series is finally out! Begin on an outdoor adventure with Kyle the Kingfisher and Lynn the Leopard Cat as they battle evil creatures and against myopia. Join in the live-storytelling session with characters being brought to life, along with a host of exciting games. 

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About The Seek Singapore Campaign

The Seek Singapore Campaign is aimed at inspiring and empowering parents to ensure a new generation of healthy, confident and bright-eyed Singaporean children.

To achieve this goal, Seek Singapore is targeted at parents to take charge of their children's eye health at an early age by bringing them outdoors regularly, so as to combat early childhood myopia.