Singapore Originals - 2 Halfs

Singapore Originals -  2 Halfs

2 Halfs is a misnomer and a deliberate spelling error. Quite simply put, the band is more than the sum of its parts, literally. Having 7 members in the band with 3 vocalists doesn’t quite add up to its name, but that’s just who they are.

Vincent with his droning bass, Kin Wee with his progressive guitar riffs, supported by John with his soulful guitar melodies, and Ziyang keeping the beat on drums, create the instrumental magic of the band. Vocal layering by the band’s 3 vocalists, Shermaine, Owen and Daryl gives an added dimension to their music.

Drawing influences from various indie rock and alternative rock music acts, the band strives to keep their sound unique, refreshing and infectious.