Singapore Scenes 画说新加坡

Singapore Scenes 画说新加坡
  • DATE

    Oct 24, 2015 - Oct 27, 2015

  • Venue


    140 Hill Street
    - MCI
    Singapore 179369
  • This event has passed

A solo Chinese Brush Painting art exhibition by local artist Ang Cheng Chye. From buildings of heritage, to nature, and historical and present scenes of Singapore, Ang Cheng Chye skillfully captures the essence of Singapore with strokes of his brush. 90 over paintings on display. 从传统的花鸟山水画,到富有现代感的城市风景线,从勤恳朴实的红头巾,到邻里街坊的老人,新加坡本土画家洪清才先生用水墨色彩描绘出了新加坡的点点滴滴,让我们从他的作品中看到了新加坡数十年来的转化变迁。