My School is Cool - A Story of Schools in Jurong

My School is Cool - A Story of Schools in Jurong
  • DATE

    Dec 22, 2014 - May 31, 2015

  • Venue

    Our Museum@Taman Jurong

    1 Yung Sheng Road
    Singapore 618495
  • This event has passed

This exhibition explores the history of schools in Jurong, dating as early as the 1930s till the present day. In doing so, the exhibition charts the various communities and historical milestones in Jurong.

A study of Jurong’s educational institutions can reveal many things about our home.

From the kampong shophouse schools of the 1930s to the more formal and modern institutions we see today, the tale of Jurong’s schools is a story of the various communities and persons who have made Jurong their home.

In a wider context, this story also reflects the historical milestones in our national history.

It explores the knowledge and skills that were important in the past, and allows us to take stock of how our country’s needs have shifted over time.


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