Tanggang – The Unfilial Son

Tanggang – The Unfilial Son
  • DATE

    Nov 13, 2014 - Nov 15, 2014

  • Venue

    The Arts House

    1 Old Parliament Lane
    Singapore 179429
  • Ticket Price
    (Exclude booking fee)
    S$20.00 - S$25.00
  • This event has passed

Tanggang – The Unfilial Son is based on a famous Malay folktale that tells the story of a young man in a small fishing village in Singapore, who was turned to stone due to his insolence.

The show was conceptualised with the intention of prolonging the life of Malay folktales against the tide of modernization, in which western cultures and fairy tales are very much preferred.

Tanggang – The Unfilial Son presents deep rooted values and themes from the past that are, as what the Malays would say— “tak lekang dek panas, tak usang dek hujan”, which means that they never get old or outdated. These values remain relevant even to today’s context.