The Blood Brothers (刺马)

The Blood Brothers (刺马)
  • DATE

    May 17, 2015

  • Venue

    National Museum of Singapore

    93 Stamford Road
    Singapore 178897
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    (Exclude booking fee)
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One of the most infamous cases of the Qing Dynasty, the assassination of Ma Xinyi has been the subject of numerous opera shows and films. Director Chang Cheh and co-writer Ni Kuang turned the case into a brilliantly crafted epic of brotherhood and betrayal. After abandoning his blood brothers for a powerful post as general, Ma (Ti Lung) falls for the wife of second brother Huang Chang (Chan Koon-tai). Overcame with passion, Ma concocts a devious plot to kill Huang. To avenge his fallen second brother, third brother Zhang Wenchang (John Chiang) secretly sneaks into the army to get close to Ma. Filled with dramatic tension, shocking twists and intense emotions, Blood Brothers remain one of Shaw Brothers' finest period films. 

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