The Lark (小云雀)

The Lark (小云雀)
  • DATE

    May 16, 2015

  • Venue

    National Museum of Singapore

    93 Stamford Road
    Singapore 178897
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1960s pop star Carrie Ku Mei plays pop star 'Little Lark' in The Lark. The film contains not only Carrie's most famous role but a treasure trove of some of the most popular Mandarin songs of all time. The story, a frothy romance of mistaken identities in which Carrie is pursued by a young newspaperman posing as a tycoon, pairs Carrie with the inimitable Peter Chen Ho. But the story ultimately takes a back seat to the musical numbers by a galaxy of guest stars. Best of all are 'The Wedding Song' performed by Mona Fong, future production head of Shaw Brothers, and Singaporean songstress Poon Sow-keng's rendering of 'A Lover's Tears', perhaps the most romantic Mandarin song of its era and still an evergreen favorite.