Raga Mukti Marga - The Path to Liberation

Raga Mukti Marga - The Path to Liberation
  • DATE

    Feb 6, 2015 - Feb 7, 2015

  • Venue

    Esplanade - Theatres on The Bay

    1 Esplanade Drive
    Singapore 038981
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The path of a dancer is paved by bhakti (devotion). She dances not only to attain oneness with the Lord but to achieve mukti, liberation of the soul.

In this performance, acclaimed dancer Gayatri Sriram sets on such a journey to seek the ultimate union with the divine through bharatanatyam.
Presenting a margam, or a classical bharatanatyamrecital, Mukti Marga draws on the poetry and verses of great saint-poets and composers, as well as contemporary pieces that represent the various facets of divine love and devotion.