The Purple Hairpin

The Purple Hairpin
  • DATE

    Sep 26, 2015

  • Venue

    Resorts World Theatre

    8 Sentosa Gateway
    Singapore 098269
  • Ticket Price
    (Exclude booking fee)
    S$48.00 - S$168.00
  • This event has passed

It was early spring in the Tang Dynasty. Scholar Li Yi, a native of Longxi County, was travelling to Chang’an with his sworn brothers Cui Yun Ming and Wei Xia Qing when they met a high ranking military official Lu and his fifth daughter. The young lady fell in love with the handsome Li Yi when he picked up and returned her handkerchief. She then hinted to his father that she wanted to marry him, to which Li Yi politely rejected.

Li Yi and his sworn brothers continued on their journey. When they reached Sheng Ye Fang, Li Yi found a purple hairpin which belonged to Huo Xiao Yu, the youngest daughter of Prince Huo. When he returned the hairpin to her, the two fell in love and got married shortly after.