Thieves Market Presents Lucid Beach by Rizibë

Thieves Market Presents Lucid Beach by Rizibë
  • DATE

    Jan 22, 2016 - Feb 6, 2016

  • Venue


    12b Jalan Klapa
    Singapore 199324

Set on a fictitious island somewhere in the Indian Ocean, a tribe of sea nomads and a wayward pack of subplots, twists and turns inhabit a tranquil fishing village. A boy tastes the first rites of love, a motley band of outsiders seeks solace amidst nature’s raw beauty, a portentous rogue wave threatens with its sinisterly imminent arrival, a cult of witches resolve to thwart this occurrence, a prescient old-timer sees everything, and a mysterious goddess suddenly appears.

This tragi-comic allegory depicts abstract musings on beach life, love, nature and disaster. Its vignettes and tableaus contain intimate gestures revealing the personalities of the disparate characters, whilst weaving a nuanced web linking them to each other and their environment. Unbeknownst to them, all the players in this tale are interconnected, and share a salient relationship with nature as signified by the scenes in the sea. Like a series of waves before a storm, these non-linear scenes build in intensity, a syncopated crescendo culminating in a denouement that sees the modern consciousness confront the unmitigated powers of the natural world.

A new collection of work by Thieves Market artist, Rizibë, the pieces employ his signature narrative visual reveries to explore our longing for the enlivening potency of nature, alongside an inherent sense of separateness and detachment. Using the sea as a metaphor for life, Lucid Beach confronts our rigid perceptions of identity and the modern self. By ruminating on those concepts, these pictorial meditations toss and turn to reveal our true desire: an experience of love and equanimity in perfect harmony.