Aku Tak Bodoh  (2011)

PLOT FOR Aku Tak Bodoh

A Malay remake of Jack Neo's 2002 hit "I Not Stupid Too" directed by Boris Boo. A 16-year-old boy named Roy who is stuck with a dysfunctional family. Both of his parents are two busy working adults who, in pursuit of luxury, with the thinking that fiscal and material things are the only necessities their children would ever need, had neglected the emotional needs of Roy and his younger brother, Jefri in the process. Follow Roy's misadventures as he copes with pre-adolescence, depression and even joining a small group of gangsters as means of fulfilling the void left by his problematic home situation and finding his true self.


Boris Boo

Full Cast

Amy Mastura, Riezman Kuzaimi, Namron, Wan Noor Aizzat, Suhairri Sunari, Rohaizat Hassan, Jalaluddin Hassan, Adibah Noor

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