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Battle of Memories (记忆大师)  (2017)

PLOT FOR Battle of Memories (记忆大师)

Set in the near future, a type of surgical memory extraction that aids the emotionally traumatized in regaining peace is promoted internationally. The marriage between best-selling author Jiang Feng and his wife Zhang Dai Chen breaks down, and in an attempt to fully get over this relationship, Jiang Feng decides to undergo procedure to erase all memories of their 10-year marriage behind his wife’s back. Under the strong opposition and persuasion from his wife, Jiang Feng decides to undo the surgery and regain his memories. However, after the memories have all been reinstalled into his brain, he finds out that the memories he has are not his, but of a serial killer.


Leste Chen

Full Cast

Huang Bo, Yang Zishan, Tiffany Ann Hsu, Xu Jinglei, Duan Yihong

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