iZ Hero

Between Earth and the Digital World lies a new world called Midnunvora. Created by Master Naam, Midnunvora is where kids can become iZ Heroes with the ultimate power to defeat evil! But Magui has ordered his Infollmon Army to spread Infollution Forces across Midnunvora to destroy all iZ Hero Spirits and turn all kids into Inzombs. Midnunvora now needs YOU to defeat those Infollmons and rescue the captured children. 

iZ Hero is a digital exhibition with both panels and games to inform and entertain. Information panels combining hard facts and compelling narrative are mixed with several full body gesture games to appeal to both young and old.

At its heart, iZ Hero is an adventure of how everyone has the seed to be a hero and do the right thing. A semi-linear journey combining storytelling, games and animated characters, iZ Hero externalizes issues such as cyber risks and moral values. In so doing the exhibition not only appeals to children but also provides them with the framework to grasp these issues.