15 minutes with Kevin Jonas

By Denise CheongEvents - 19 October 2012 3:06 PM | Updated 4:14 PM

15 minutes with Kevin Jonas

From left: Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas

The Jonas Brothers arrived in Manila last night, and we had the privilege of speaking to the oldest of the three, Kevin Jonas, 25, sounding very awake and fresh despite the 20-hour long flight from New York.

They are ecstatic to be back on tour, and excited to be performing in Singapore on 22 October 2012, even in the midst of working on their fifth studio album (which they promised to be releasing soon).

Kevin talks music, family and how being blissfully married has his fans getting “a lot more insane”:

It’s been about three years since you last toured with Nick and Joe – what’s different now, in terms of your music?
The growth is definitely there. We’ve played brand new songs at Radio City. We’re growing up and we’ve been through a lot in life. My brothers have been through a lot too – individual and personal things that often have been awesome for us to go through, and our music reflects that. It definitely has everything that the Jonas Brothers are in it, but really down to its core it’s more about us growing as a band.

Speaking of growing up, you guys obviously aren’t kids anymore, but how big of a role does your family continue to play in your music careers?
Well, my dad is still our manager, but it’s funny because we’re on this tour right now and it’s just the three of us. Even Danny’s [as he calls his wife, Danielle] had to stay back for some other reasons so she had to stay home for this part of the trip. Typically, we’d have my mom, my dad and Frankie [their youngest brother, aged 12] and everybody – the whole family would travel with us. But for now it’s just the three boys, the security team, maybe one person’s manager – but it’s pretty nice, just hanging out as a band. It’s definitely a new day.

Jonas Brothers - 'Paranoid'

You all have a lot going on in your careers right now, so why tour now?
We all wanted to start going again, and thought it was the right time to make new music. We wanted to make new music for a long time, but each one of us needed to do some individual things so now it was the right time and we felt like it was right. And the touring as well – we were missing playing too, so badly, together. We’re so lucky have the fans who’ve allowed us to come back and play the big shows and the fun events that we’re already doing.

What can your fans expect from your show on Monday?
We’ll be playing lots of old songs, new songs, some songs turned into other songs. We really try to make the setlist fun. We have so many albums at this point, and so much we can play from. We’re actually doing rehearsals this afternoon to break down exactly what we’re going to be doing – but it’s definitely an exciting thing for sure.

As far as the theatrics and jumping around goes, it’s more about the music and the performance level now. Obviously our shows are always fun and exciting and over the top – or at least we try to make them that way. We definitely try to bring as much excitement as we can with our music.

You’ve come a long way since ‘Camp Rock’. Do you see yourselves acting again in future?
Definitely, maybe. It all depends on what the future holds. My brothers and I are more focused on our music right now. My wife and I have a TV show that we’re doing together which is great, it’s not really acting, but it’s still a TV show (laughs). So we have all those things that are working, but acting is always something that we like to do and is part of our lives. If we find the right roles and are passionate about it, it could definitely happen for sure.

You’ve been married for about three years now – are your fans still as crazy, or have they toned down a lot since?
Actually, now it’s gotten a lot more insane because our fans have now adapted to our lives as well – so it’s not just me, it’s both of us any time we go anywhere. It sounds crazy but it’s fun, and she’s an amazing girl and she handles it so, so well. I’m really impressed by her and how hard she works and how hard she puts the effort in to do everything she’s got to do which is really great.

Early on, you’d see some things that would be quite upsetting, but what was interesting to see is the fact that now they’ve really taken her in. They kind of did from the beginning as well, once we got engaged they really took her in as her own because she’s not another celebrity or someone like that – she’s just another girl that we met and fell in love with. So the story just happens. I think the fans really appreciate that and they love the fact that we’ve been able to stay strong for all those different things that we’ve done.

Is this your first time in Singapore?
I’ve been to Singapore before with my father a long time ago, and I’m excited to be back. My brothers have never been, though. I remember it being so beautiful. The architecture was beautiful; the people were all so nice. It was such a great experience.

The Jonas Brothers will perform on 22 October, 8pm at Fort Canning Park with ‘Camp Rock’ co-star Anna Maria Perez de Tagle as their opening act. Tickets priced at $98 are available through Sistic.


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