28 pranks from Jackass 3D revealed!

By Ivan TeoMovies - 28 October 2010 6:00 PM | Updated 12:45 PM

28 pranks from Jackass 3D revealed!

You may be familiar with the Jackass franchise - first the MTV series, then the films in which funnyman cum stuntman, Johnny Knoxville and his gang perform the most ridiculous, painful and hilarious stunts imaginable.

Well the gang is going at it again with more "don't try this at home" nonsensical pranks in a 3rd film and this time it’s in 3D glory no less!

inSing.com managed to get its hands on the sacred prank book and give you the low-down in chronological order of what can be expected. I will leave it to your imagination what the name of the prank means.


1. The High-five


2. The Jet Ski

3. Tee Ball
4. Bungee Boogie
5. The Rocky
6. Beehive Tetherball
7. Roller Buffalo
8. Electric Avenue
9. The Field Goal
10. Super Mighty Glue
11. Pontius The Barbarian
12. Sweatsuit Cocktail
13. Watch My Dog
14. The Christmas Tree
15. Pin The Tail On The Donkey


16. Rocky 2
17. The Blindside
18. Will The Farter
19. Bad Dog
20. Helicockter
21. Snake River Redemption
22. Apple Of My Ass
23. Duck Hunting
24. Really Bad Grandpa
25. The Ram Jam
26. Lamborghini Tooth Pole
27. The Invisible Man
28. Poo Cocktail Supreme

Share with us what pranks you want included in the next Jackass movie. Knoxville might be reading, you'll never know!

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