2NE1: 'Be prepared to have fun'

By Deborah WeeEvents - 30 November 2012 2:39 PM | Updated 24 May 2014

2NE1: 'Be prepared to have fun'

The girls of 2NE1. Photo: Zaki Jufri

“When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a nun,” said CL, the 21 year old leader of hit K-pop group 2NE1, when the group was asked what they would be doing if they weren’t, well, the huge success that they were.

“Maybe an actress, or a housewife,” said Sandara Park (Dara), who was previously an actress in the Philippines. Park Bom, on the other hand, has never thought of doing anything else besides singing, and Minzy, the youngest of the four-member group, said, “Poet.”  

Dressed stylishly in white, the four girls were the centre of all attention at the conference room in the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. 2NE1 is in town for a concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 1 December 2012, with Singapore being the final stop in their New Evolution global tour. For the fans who are dying to see the girls live onstage, you’ll be pleased to know that 2NE1 has been just as eager to perform here.

“We’ve been waiting so long to come to Singapore and have our own show, and meet our Blackjacks (what 2NE1 fans call themselves) here.” You could hear the excitement in CL’s voice. “I hope we can have some fun tomorrow.”

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2NE1’s songs are known to be distinct and mixed (as seen in the reggae feel of 'I Don’t Care' compared to the dance-rock 'Go Away', just to name a few of their songs), and they want to be spontaneous and constantly changing. As their leader put it, they don’t wish to be defined.

Looking into the future, when asked if acting opportunities were waiting for them, Dara seemed the most keen to follow the singer-turned-actor footsteps of other successful Korean stars, but in her case, it would be more of a return to the screen. “I would love to try acting, because I used to be an actress before in the Philippines. So, I really miss it. Acting is really fun because I can be anybody I want to be, and I can slap somebody’s face. I can’t do that in real life.”

(Click on above image to see more photos) After suprising 2,000 lucky fans at a free concert in Clarke Quay, the girls are back for a full-on concert on 1 December 2012. Photo Zaki Jufri

With the K-pop phenomenon spreading across the planet, CL believes that the source of all the success is passion. She spoke of Korea as currently being passionate about music, art and everything cultural. As for 2NE1’s own success, becoming an international hit wasn’t part of their plans. “We did what we loved, and stuck to it.”

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These K-pop stars truly are passionate about what they do. CL emphasized it again when she gave advice to those aspiring to take the pop world by storm. “Never give up, because your time will come, if you stick with it, love it, and have passion for it.”

As Blackjacks everywhere on the island count the seconds to when it’s their turn to experience the 2NE1 global tour, what can we expect from tomorrow night’s concert?

CL has a message for the fans. “Be ready to have fun with us.”