3 lessons you can learn from The Future Leaders Summit 2015

By InSing WriterEvents - 07 July 2015 12:40 PM

3 lessons you can learn from The Future Leaders Summit 2015


The corporate ladder has evolved.

Long, arduous and extremely competitive, working professionals have been hard-pressed to negotiate their way up the corporate rungs.

In a time where the rise and fall of economic superpowers and industry giants could occur in the span of a day, the world is in a constant state of flux. 

While one has to stay nimble to navigate through these turbulent times, NTUC has created a springboard for working professionals to navigate their career obstacles.

A sold out event for both 2013 and 2014, the Future Leaders Summit attracted a large audience of professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) focused on taking charge of their careers. With 2015's focus on future-proofing oneself to remain relevant, this is an event not to be missed. 

1. Knowledge is power

People do not usually grasp the other important aspect of knowledge – that of self. The quarter-life crisis has become a norm, with it, individuals presented with a confusing array of choices and decisions.

Not many people are truly self-aware, not many realise the strength each one carries. The intrusion of self-awareness more often than not brings about greater clarity in one’s motivations, ambitions, strengths and weaknesses.

Rather than to stand at life’s crossroads confounded, sharing sessions like those at the Summit can help one gain a better understanding of individual personalities and qualities employers are looking for now and what does it take to work in a particular industry. Sometimes it may simply be a matter of realising what opportunities are up for grabs or what are the skill sets one should hone.

2. Been there, done that

Machiavelli believed that ‘whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past’. What could have been done better, what went wrong (or right). We learn through history and past mistakes and successes of others and we only have to look within to know one's truth. 

The Future Leaders Summit offers its participants access to industry experts who will share their personal experiences and best practices. An active participant of the Future Leaders Summit, Patrick Cheo, CEO of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies, strongly believes that the Summit “enables PMEs to aim for higher heights and break their imaginary glass ceiling to move higher”.

3. Create your opportunities

You can develop your personal brand by building character reputation and generating mindshare amongst colleagues as the go-to person for your areas of expertise. However, solid branding is nothing without the right opportunities.

Rubbing shoulders with C-suite executives, recruiters, and the like at events like the Summit can help you accumulate social capital and cultivate that winning impression that may be the golden ticket you are waiting for.

The Future Leaders Summit 2015 promises to be an immersive and engaging exchange of knowledge for PMEs across a variety of sectors. In the words of MDIS’ lecturer, Muhd Fuadi Bin Rahmat, the Summit is where “the foundations are being laid by NTUC to look after the growing pool of PMEs”. Taking place on 24 July 2015 (Friday) at the NTUC Centre, the event will help participants develop their instincts to stay ahead of competition. 

Book and purchase your ticket here and be the first 100 delegates to choose who you want to have networking lunch with. Four lucky delegates will also be flown to Ho Chi Minh City to meet the larger-than-life Richard Branson!

For more information, visit the Future Leaders Summit