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4 things to check out at 'Art Stage Singapore 2015'

By Zaki JufriEvents - 07 November 2014 11:03 AM | Updated 14 January 2015

4 things to check out at 'Art Stage Singapore 2015'

Singapore will have art pouring out of its many aircon vents come January 2015, when it plays host to the biggest and most prestigious art fair in town.

The fifth edition of 'Art Stage' returns, with works from Asia heavily represented. 

The fair will feature at least 135 galleries from 29 countries, and 70 per cent are from the Asia-Pacific region, and 34 per cent are based in Singapore. 

The fair’s director Lorenzo Rudolf said the spotlight on Southeast Asian art is inevitable: “We are the place where you can see young fresh art that you don’t see anywhere else.” 

We take a look at some of the highlights and surprises awaiting visitors to the show. 

Bigger Southeast Asian Art presence

'Artworld XXX Trailer (still)' - Yason Banal

Southeast Asian art will be showcased on a bigger platform, on 1,000sqm of space, to be exact. It will be a curated sales exhibition of artworks by emerging and established artists from the region.

Rudolf said there is “an increasing interest from Europe, America and northern Asia about art from this region”.

“Collectors have expressed their willingness to come to the fair to look at art from Southeast Asia,” he added. 

The fair has appointed Khim Ong as the curator of the Southeast Asia showcase titled, ‘Eagles Fly, Sheep Flock’.

So far, 15 artists from Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and the Phillipines are confirmed for the fair.

A still from the documentation video of 'Teh Symposium', the opening event of 'bl_nd: The Age of Darkness and Darkness of Being', Zaki Razak's final AARP (Associate Artist Research Programme) presentation at The Substation

Ong has picked five Singapore artists for the show: 2013 Young Artist Award recipient Zaki Razak; Chong Weixin, who graduated with a Masters in printmaking from London's College of Art; artist and educator Mike Chang; emerging artist Hilmi Johandi; and multi-disciplinary artist Choy Ka Fai.

Others include Malaysian Rosliham Ismail, Indonesian Agan Harahap, and Hoang Duong Cam from Vietnam.


Brit superstars Gilbert & George 

British artist George Passmore (left) and Italian artist Gilbert Prousch, better known as 'Gilbert and George', at the White Cube gallery to mark the launch of their 'Scapegoating Pictures for London' exhibition | Photo: AFP

Eccentric London-based art duo Gilbert & George, known for their controversial photo-based collages, have agreed to create five large-scale artworks that will be presented around the fair as well as at the VIP area. It is not known yet what they will create. 

“They will also be in Singapore for a performance,” Rudolf revealed. 

Gilbert Proesch and George Passmore, who typically face the world in their tweed suits, are among the most important avant-garde artists around. With their brand of humour, the pair have been breaking taboos and provoking international audiences ever since they met in 1967 in the sculpture department at London’s St Martin’s College.


Russian presence and video art

Apart from works using traditional mediums, 'Art Stage' will also feature more than 40 international video artworks.

Art fairs have generally given the medium little attention because it is costly to display the finished products, and they do not command as high a price.

A still from 'Manifesto' by Myriam Mechita

“But in a young market like Asia, it is an important and exciting medium,” Rudolf said. The fair will dedicate a sizeable space to showcase video artworks from the likes of Hiroko Okada from Japan, China’s Xu Wenkai and Myriam Mechita from France.

Another segment checking out is the Russian exhibit, curated by Multimedia Museum Moscow’s Olga Sviblova. 

Rudolf said: “We want to showcase art from new regions for the next instalment. A big part of Russia is Asia.”


A fusion of modern art with art classics 

Art by some Asian modern artists, such as KK Hebbar, Ram Kumar, FN Souza and Zao Wou-Vi, will be juxtaposed against works by western masters such as Joan Miro and Pablo Picasso.

The fair is working with the French Pinacotheque de Paris for this segment. 

Usually the domain of auction houses, 'Art Stage Singapore 2015' will provide historical context to artworks produced during the modern art era.

'Art Stage Singapore 2015' | Date: 22-25 January 2015 | Venue: Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, 10 Bayfront Avenue | Tickets: $32-$64 from Sistic

Art Stage Singapore 2015

Art Stage Singapore 2015

Date Jan 22, 2015 - Jan 25, 2015

VenueSands Expo And Convention Center Hall D, E & F

Ticket PriceS$32.00 - S$64.00
 (excludes booking fee)