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5 art exhibitions in June

By Patrick BenjaminEvents - 07 June 2012 7:00 PM

5 art exhibitions in June

Sakarin Krue-On's 'Cloud Nine'

Well, if SKL0 street art antics have triggered your curiosity about the art scene. Here are our top 5 art events this month to pique your burgeoning fascination with all things arty.  


Say Hi to Forever

Lowdown: Serving as homage to the late South Korean model Daul Kim who killed herself in 2009, this exhibition titled after the last entry in the South Korean’s blog, showcases a series of 14 multi-disciplinary art works.

Created by local artist Sookoon Ang during her residency at the International Studio & Curatorial Program in New York, these contemporary works include video installations, sculptures and drawings distilling a youthful utopia careening into a nadir.  

Amongst the highlights here include the irony laced, eponymous animated video installation where alphabets made out of golden balloons symbolizes a death knell on a fuchsia TV frame brocaded with glittery beads.

Runs till June 19 at Chan Hampe Galleries @ Tanjong Pagar, 27 Kreta Ayer Rd., 6222-1667


cry baby
Xavier Comas' 'Jiutamai Untitled 10'

Tokyo Erotika

Lowdown: Art novices and aficionados alike are treated to a sumptuously visual oeuvre with a little prick of carnality from three artists: Japanese Emi Uchida, French-Australian K-narf and Spaniard Xavier Comas.

Uchida remixes Shunga, part of Ukiyo-e during the Edo period in medieval Japan, serving a similar function to pop idol posters in contemporary times.

While Singapore based K-narf relishes in mashing photography and mixed media including erotic manga to capture the essence of our deepest desires.

In his series of photographs based on a Japanese Jiutamai dancer, Comas evokes the intimacy between artist and muse.

Runs till June 28 at Vue Privee, 63 Spottiswoode Park


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Ian Davenport's 'Puddle Painting Black (After Le Corbusier)'

Ian Davenport’s Between The Lines

Lowdown: Former Turner Prize nominee Ian Davenport, who used to be schoolmates with Damien Hirst at Goldsmiths, marks his debut on our shores with a collection of large-scale, vibrantly hued abstract paintings.

These canvasses of glossy paint dripping might look sickeningly ordinary but there is an intricate method behind the simplexity.

In fact, the artist uses industrial syringes spaced on top of the canvass, and then tilting it or simply allowing it to ooze into stripy puddles dependent on rhythm, timing and serendipity.

Runs till July 7 at Art Plural Gallery, 38 Armenian St., 6636 8360



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A Joan Miro painting at Ikkan Art


Lowdown: One of the newest galleries in town, owner Ikkan Sanada has been wowing art connoisseurs with his blockbuster, contemporary art celebrations.

His third so far is aptly monikered Spectrum and functions like an informal survey exhibition showcasing the vibrant genre with a diverse pool of artists from various periods including the likes of Joan Miro, Andy Warhol, Marie Maillard, Shuntaro Kubo, Kyung Jeon, Julian Stanczak and Juan Munoz.

The eclectic collection of works found here cleverly embodies the plurality found in the art world. Amongst the must watch creations are Juan Munoz’s Raincoat Drawing, which depict the surrealism of a banal room as well as Shuntaro Kubo’s Close Combat, a two-panel effervescent painting that personifies animals in battle. 

Runs till June 30 at Ikkan Art Gallery, [email protected], 39 Keppel Rd., #01-05, Tanjong Pagar District Park, 9634 9797



Entang Wiharso's 'Temple Of Hope: Forest Of Eyes'

Lowdown: Fancy watching a video of an artist drinking Big Mac blended into the smoothie or groups of Japanese folks singing their school songs?

If video art doesn’t satiate you, we are sure you would be delighted by Pinoy artist Louis Cordero’s effervescent celebration of kitsch and macabre in his mixed media installation Smash The Cool in this Asian centric art exhibition.

Take an adventurous jaunt through the rooms on a Friday evening after work (from 6pm) when The Singapore Art Museum opens its doors free to everyone.

We are sure it would be an enriching experience and for folks who want to impress their dates with their arty knowledge; the works of Zero, one of the most prominent local street artists are also showcased here.

Runs till 25 December. Singapore Art Museum, 71 Bras Basah Rd., 6332 3222

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