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5 movies to watch this week (14 Apr 2016)

By Zaki JufriMovies - 13 April 2016 12:00 AM | Updated 6:28 PM

5 movies to watch this week (14 Apr 2016)

The Huntsman: Winter's War

For fans of: ‘Snow White & The Hunstman’ (2012)

Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth return for this action fantasy follow-up to Snow White and the Huntsman, co-starring Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain. 

Long before the evil Queen Ravenna (Theron) was vanquished by Snow White’s blade, she watched silently as her sister, Freya (Blunt), suffered a heart-breaking betrayal and fled their kingdom. 


With Freya’s ability to freeze any enemy, the young ice queen has spent decades in a remote wintry palace raising a legion of deadly huntsmen - including Eric (Hemsworth) and warrior Sara (Chastain) - only to find that her prized two defied her one demand: to not love. 


For fans of: ‘End Of Watch’ (2012) and ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ (2013)

Following his Oscar-nominated films Wild and Dallas Buyers Club, filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallée directs Jake Gyllenhaal in this comedic drama about an investment banker struggling to deal with the recent death of his wife.

His plan: demolishing and rebuilding his house. Co-stars Naomi Watts, Heather Lind (‘Broadwalk Empire’) and Oscar-winner Chris Cooper (‘Adaptation’).

High Strung

For fans of: ‘Fame’ (2009) and ‘Step Up’ (2006)

Think ‘Step Up’  meets classical music and ballet. The movie follows two young artistes from contrasting worlds as they navigate through the New York City’s competitive dance scene. Ruby Adams (Keenan Kampa) is a classical dancer from the Midwest, who is attending one of New York’s top performing arts schools.

Johnnie Blackwell (Nicholas Galitzine) is a British, hip-hop violinist who busks in the subway. Joined by a dynamic hip-hop dance crew, Ruby and Johnny will have to battle New York’s best dancers in a competition where winning or losing can make or break them. 

Hardcore Henry 

For fans of: ‘Wanted’ (2008) and ‘Resident Evil’ (2002)

Unique sci-fi action film completely shot from a first-person perspective, following a man with no memory who has just been turned into a cyborg. 

From YouTube sensation Ilya Naishuller (watch his first-person music video here). Co-starring Haley Bennett (‘The Equalizer’) and Sharlto Copley (‘District 9’).

Chongqing Hot Pot

For fans of: ‘Old Boy’ (2003) and ‘Pulp Fiction’ (1994)

A chaotic blend of slacker comedy and film noir, ‘Chongqing Hot Pot’ is about three high school students whose failed attempt at opening a hotpot restaurant leave them embroiled with bank robbers. With Chen Kun, Bai Baihe, Qin Hao, Yu Entai. Directed by Yang Qing.