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5 movies to watch this week (16 Apr 2015)

By Zaki JufriMovies - 15 April 2015 12:00 PM | Updated 3:06 PM

5 movies to watch this week (16 Apr 2015)

‘Child 44’

For fans of: ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ (2011) and ‘Zodiac’ (2007)

Crime mystery set during the 1950s Stalin era of the Soviet Union where a child murderer runs free, pursued by a disgraced member of the military police. Stars Tom Hardy, Joel Kinnaman, Noomi Rapace, Gary Oldman and Charles Dance.

In 1953 Soviet Russia, the film chronicles the crisis of conscience for secret police agent Leo Demidov (Hardy), who loses status, power and home when he refuses to denounce his own wife, Raisa (Rapace) as a traitor. 

Exiled from Moscow to a grim provincial outpost, Leo and Raisa join forces with General Mikhail Nesterov (Oldman) to track down a serial killer who preys on young boys. Their quest for justice threatens a system-wide cover-up enforced by Leo’s psychopathic rival Vasili (Kinnaman), who insists “There is no crime in paradise”.

‘Unlucky Plaza’

For fans of: ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ (1975) and ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

A sold-out success at last year’s Singapore International Film Festival, the much anticipated ‘Unlucky Plaza’ – Ken Kwek’s follow-up to 2012’s controversial ‘Sex.Violence.FamilyValues’ – follows restaurateur Onassis (Filipino actor Epy Quizon) who is in dire straits after his Lucky Plaza restaurant is involved in a food poisoning scandal.

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A chain of events lead him to cross paths with two-timing teacher Michelle (Judee Tan), her actor-husband-turned-motivational-speaker Terence/Sky (Adrian Pang), a not-so-holy pastor Tong Wen (Shane Mardjuki), and a loanshark nicknamed Baby Bear (Guo Liang).                                                                       

‘Robot Overlords’ 

For fans of: ‘Pacific Rim’ (2013) and ‘War of The Worlds’ (2005) 

It’s humans versus robots… British style, in this trim sci-fi movie by Jon Wright (‘Grabbers’). Giant robots have invaded Earth and established a strict, worldwide curfew. Whoever dares to venture outside will be zapped into oblivion.

Through the chaos, a group of kids led by Callan McAuliffe (‘The Great Gatsby’) set out to join the resistance against the mechanical menaces. Hot on their heels, however, is their old teacher-turned-robot collaborator Mr Smythe, played by Ben Kingsley, and his reluctant captive (Gillian Anderson).

‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2’

For fans of: ‘Observe & Report’ (2009) and ‘Tower Heist’ (2011)

Kevin James returns with his trusty Segway in this sequel as Blart, the portly mall cop who falls over a lot.

This time, he looks to sharpen his skills at a Security Guard Expo in Vegas, but is inadvertently forced to put his talents into practice when he discovers plans for a heist. Directed by Andy Fickman (‘Parental Guidance’, ‘She’s the Man’).

‘Ode to My Father’

For fans of: ‘The Crossing’ (2014) and ‘Taegukgi (Brotherhood of War)’ (2004)

Don’t miss this South Korean melodrama set amid the chaos of refugees fleeing the Korean War in 1950. 

A young boy, Duk-soo, sees his fate change when he loses track of his father and vows to take care of his family - a lifelong promise that spans six decades. 

The film is directed by JK Youn, who also helmed the 2009 tsunami blockbuster ‘Haeundae’, a generational epic about making sacrifices for one's family as South Korea progresses after the Korean War. ‘Lost actress’ Yunjin Kim plays the role of a devoted wife.