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5 movies to watch this week (21 Apr 2016)

By inSing EditorMovies - 20 April 2016 8:00 AM

5 movies to watch this week (21 Apr 2016)

Midnight Special

For fans of: ‘The Sixth Sense’ (1999) and ‘Take Shelter’ (2011)

Michael Shannon is a father on the run with his unnaturally gifted child in this sci-fi drama from the director of ‘Mud’ (Jeff Nichols).

With religious extremists and local law enforcement hot on their tails, he has only a small window to discover the origins and meaning of his young son’s abilities. Co-stars Kirsten Dunst, Adam Driver and Joel Edgerton.

The Diary of a Teenage Girl

For fans of: ‘Almost Famous’ (2000) and ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ (2012)

Based on the acclaimed graphic novel by Phoebe Gloeckner, ‘The Diary of a Teenage Girl’ recounts the coming-of-age adventures of Minnie Goetze (brilliantly played by Bel Powley), a San Francisco teenager and aspiring comic-book artist growing up in the counterculture haze of the 1970s.

Insatiably curious about the world around her, Minnie is a pretty typical teenage girl. Oh, except that she’s sleeping with her mother’s boyfriend.

Also stars Kristen Wiig, Alexander Skarsgård and Christopher Meloni. 

The Boss

For fans of: ‘Spy’ (2015) and ‘Get Hard’ (2015)

Melissa McCarthy is a disgraced tycoon sent to prison after she's caught for insider trading in this comedy from the director of ‘Tammy’.

She emerges ready to rebrand herself as America's latest sweetheart, but those she screwed over are not so quick to forgive. Co-stars Peter Dinklage, Kristen Bell and Kathy Bates. 

Miracles From Heaven

For fans of: ‘Heaven Is For Real’ (2014) and ‘Courageous’ (2011)

A young girl finds herself miraculously cured of a rare digestive disease after surviving a terrible accident in this Christian drama. Starring Jennifer Garner, Martin Henderson and Queen Latifah.

Based on the memoir of the same name by Christy Beam (played here by Garner), ‘Miracles from Heaven’ is the second "miracle drama" from 2011's ‘Heaven Is For Real’ producers and Sony.

Mr. Right

For fans of: ‘Knight and Day’ (2010) and ‘This Means War’ 2012) 

Anna Kendrick leads this action comedy playing a girl who falls for the best guy ever (Sam Rockwell). There are two small problems though: he's a hitman and he's on the run from the syndicate who employed him. Co-stars Tim Roth and RZA. Written by Max Landis (‘American Ultra’).