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5 movies to watch this week (26 Mar 2015)

By Zaki JufriMovies - 26 March 2015 4:38 AM

5 movies to watch this week (26 Mar 2015)


For fans of: ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ (2010) and 'Despicable Me’ (2010)

Singer Rihanna makes her feature animation voice debut in this DreamWorks family movie, based on Adam Rex’s 2007 children’s book, 'The True Meaning of Smekday'.

The pop star is the voice for the character Tip, a lonely child who befriends Oh (voiced by Jim Parsons from US sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory'), an alien misfit on the run from his own people, the Boov.


For fans of: ‘Rush’ (2013) and ‘Moneyball’ (2011) 

‘Foxcatcher’ finds director Bennett Miller returning to the dark tone of his debut feature, ‘Capote’, for another tale of social tensions and murder.

In 1987, Olympic gold medallist Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) was recruited by eccentric millionaire and manipulative would-be mentor John du Pont (Steve Carell) to build a wrestling team that could win gold in the 1988 Seoul Games.

John's coaching style pushes Mark to breaking point, leading to tragic consequences.

Nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Director, Best Actor (Carell) and Best Supporting Actor (Mark Ruffalo).

‘Foxcatcher’ was oddly snubbed for a Best Picture nomination, making it the first film to be nominated for Best Director but not Best Picture since Julian Schnabel’s ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’ (2008).

‘Mr Pip’

For fans of: ‘Great Expectations’ (1946) and ‘The Sapphires' (2012)

Andrew Adamson (‘The Chronicles of Narnia’) directs Hugh Laurie in this drama which is adapted from the acclaimed 2006 novel by New Zealand author Lloyd Jones.

‘Mr Pip’ is set during the 1990s civil war in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, following one girl's fascination with Charles Dickens ‘Great Expectations’.

Shattered by the war, Bougainville's teachers have fled, except for the eccentric Mr Watts (Laurie), who is the object of much curiosity and scorn.

He reads Dickens’ classic to the students and 14-year-old Matilda (Xzannjah) is transported into the Victorian world, finding inspiration from it while her everyday life in the village is filled with harsh uncertainty.


For fans of: ‘Colombiana’ (2011) and ‘Kill Bill Vol 1’ (2003)

If you’re a fan of ‘Die Hard’ or Tarantino movies, you would appreciate this action thriller starring Salma Hayek.

The 48-year-old Mexican actress leads this one-room action thriller directed by Joe Lynch, playing Everly, a prostitute forced into a siege when her mob boss sends assassins to kill her.

‘White God’ 

For fans of: ‘Rise of the Planet of The Apes’ (2011) and ‘The Birds’ (1963) 

If you’re a dog-lover, don’t miss this bizarre Hungarian thriller (winner of The Palm Dog award at Cannes, and the more prestigious Prize Un Certain Regard), where Budapest goes to the dogs… figuratively.

When a girl is sent to stay with her grumpy dad for a few months, he chucks her Labrador crossbreed – trained to be a fighter – out on the street. Caught and put in the pound, the animal developes a hardened aggresion which inspires dogs city-wide to stage a canine uprising.