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Cinema Europa: 5 must-see films of EUFF 2012

By Farhan ShafieMovies - 30 April 2012 2:13 PM

Cinema Europa: 5 must-see films of EUFF 2012

Above: 'In a Better World'

Movie buffs and art-house lovers rejoice – The European Union Film Festival (EUFF) returns to Singapore for its 22nd edition.

From 11 to 20 May 2012, come and witness Europe’s most lauded and awarded recent offerings; from comedies to documentaries and everything in between!

Each carefully handpicked selection not only captures the rich cultural diversity of the continent but also mirrors it at a time of significant change.

We preview the most anticipated highlights from this year’s line-up:

'Second Chance / La Chance De Ma Vie' (France) (2011)

A romantic comedy which follows a brilliant marriage counselor, whose own relationships are train wrecks – A human equivalent to a black cat, Julien Monnier happens to jinx every woman who has fallen for him - landing them in hospital, ruining their careers, or destroying their relationships with family and friends.

He then crosses paths with Joanna, a talented designer who has everything going for her but given Julien's disastrous past with femmes, will the pair ever give love a second chance?

No one does romance like the French. And given how quirky and charming their sense of humor is, this certainly makes for an alluring combination.

Second Chance / La Chance De Ma Vie is showing on Saturday, 12 May at 7pm


‘The Strange Case of Angelica’ (Portugal) (2010)

The Strange Case of Angelica is a surreal, magical tale about a photographer who falls madly in love with a beautiful specter.

Summoned one night to wealthy family estate, Isaac is instructed to take the last photograph of young bride Angelica, who mysteriously passed away.

Struck by her beauty, he then begins to see the dead girl coming to life through his lens.

With 104-year-old director Manoel de Oliveira at the helm, here is a director who is almost as old as cinema itself! You can rest assure however that this is an intriguing gem that laces stunning visuals with slight drollery that harkens back to the golden eras of old.

The Strange Case of Angelica is showing on Monday, 14 May at 9.30pm 


‘In A Better World’ (Denmark) (2010)

Winner of the Oscar and Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film, the overarching themes of bullying and revenge run deep in this Danish drama thriller.

Anton is a Swedish doctor who’s frequent commutes between his Denmark residence and work in a Sudanese refugee camp puts a strain on his marriage

After a bullying incident, Anton's ten-year-old son Elias befriends Christian, a troubled teen haunted by his mother's recent death but their friendship takes a turn for the worse after a dangerous act of revenge pitfalls into tragic consequences, leaving the boys' parents tangled in pain and empathy.

A truly masterful performance from the lead boys in the movie, which is saying something seeing as how amazing the adult actors were as well. 

In A Better World is showing on Tuesday, 15 May at 7pm



‘Charlotte: A Royal at War’ (Lexembourg) (2008)

This seminal piece explores the remarkable bond between Grand Duchess Charlotte of Lexembourg and her people.

It is a true account of how a woman inspired a nation through the power of radio, reaching her people in their darkest hour, against the brutal occupation of Hitler’s Third Reich.

Why is this documentary must-see? Simply put, it is an untold story that needs to be told, for it contains one of the greatest examples of the strength of the human spirit.

It combines vivid eyewitness testimony with dramatic reconstruction and it’s gripping narrative will reel viewers in instantly, even those unfamiliar with the plight of Lexembourg during WWII.

Charlotte: A Royal at War is showing on Thursday, 17 May at 9.30pm


‘Trishna’ (UK) (2011)

Set in the gorgeous landscapes of Jaipur and Mumbai, India, Trishna tells the story of a poor village girl who catches the eye of a young, wealthy British businessman.

However, social divides and the conflicting pressures of tradition and ambition threaten their ensuing romance.

Let the Slumdog Millionaire comparisons begin. Frieda Pinto? Check. English director? Check. Indian setting, loads of dancing and drama? Triple check.

But that aside, the plot is actually an adaptation of the Thomas Hardy novel Tess of the D’Ubervilles. In that regard, director Michael Winterbottom has done a pretty wonderful job of giving this literary classic a modern and cultural reimagining.

Trishna is showing on Saturday, 19 May at 7pm


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