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5 reasons to check out the 1 World Music Festival

By Kevin HoEvents - 06 August 2013 2:11 PM | Updated 10:09 AM

5 reasons to check out the 1 World Music Festival

If you really dig your music and have not already emptied your wallets on the Singapore GP concerts, then here’s a music festival that will really get your musical bones tingling. Spread out over two packed evenings on 20 and 21 September, this monster lineup featuring almost 50 artistes boasts the best in electronic dance music, hip-hop, and pop. But to make things easier for you, we’ve summarized just five reasons to join in these worldly festivities.  

#1 For DJ diversity at the decks – Moby, Orbital, and Cosmic Gate

Coming to throw you in a state of frenzied hysteria will be German trance duo Cosmic Gate (21 Sep), who has been pumping life into dancefloors for over a decade. With endless energies, throbbing beats and of course those catchy synth hooks we love most about trance music, they’re an invigorating reminder that no one does dance music like the Germans do.


Also, globally established act Orbital (20 Sep) is set to unleash their sophisticated brand of techno and acid house, a mark of their influential contributions which shaped a generation of electronic dance music during the 90s.

And speaking of trendmakers, there’s no overlooking the commercial success of techno icon Moby (21 Sep). Moby’s sound has ranged from urban breakbeat to ambient chillwave, innovatively making use of voice samples to add emotions to his sound. Preaching to us in his 2002 single that we are all made of stars, we’ll certainly feel that way with all these soundscapers at the decks.

#2 To drop it like it’s hot – Snoop Lion and N*E*R*D + MSSL CMMND

Before he was a Rastafarian lion, Snoop was a Dogg. No spiritual reggae vibes, Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion (21 Sep) was just a hustler who taught us that it “ain’t nuthin’ but a ‘G’ thang”, even if none of us knew what that meant. But though Snoop has evolved through the ages, there’s no denying that he’s still got game, those flowing rap skills, and that signature swagger.

Also representing will be N*E*R*D (date TBC),the founding project of Snoop’s frequent collaborator Pharrell Williams. However as he’s probably out there getting lucky with Daft Punk or crossing blurred lines with Robin Thicke, Pharrell seems to be missing in action. But the good news is that we’re still getting co-founding member Chad Hugo helming the decks for two sets, one as N*E*R*D, and the second with partner-in-crime Daniel Biltmore as MSSL CMMND (date TBC). Their recent collaborative efforts have spawned the mixtape ‘Why Fight The Space Age?’ which has been hailed as genre-defying.


#3 Because it’s always fun to imitate strong-slanged rappers – Iggy Azalea and Tinie Tempah

Twisted your tongue a little trying to pronounce these names? Well let these rappers show you how it’s done with their freestyle delivery and unorthodox execution. Well-known for her brutally honest lyrics and gritty drawl, Iggy Azalea (20 Sep) is a fresh face in the industry who’s rapidly fostering a reputation for herself. We might not always catch what she’s saying, but the gusto of her showmanship perfectly suits the atmosphere of music festivals.

And if that’s not enough to loosen your tongue, then get a second dose with UK’s Tinie Tempah (21 Sep), a household name of British hip-hop. Dropping verses with rough vigour, Tinie’s rapping style reflects a distinct British sound which pulls from the urban-influenced genres of garage and grime. The result is the sharp and aggressive rap style that he’s known for. You’ll have a roll keeping up with this lyrical fiend.

#4 To watch good girls go bad with some dirty bass – Cobra Starship and Far East Movement

Far East Movement - Asian faces with dirty basses


We need to say this straight up, pop-rock outfit Cobra Starship(20 Sep) will be performing not as a full band, but as a live DJ set. But before you heave those sighs of disappointment, rest assured that the infectious energy of frontman Gabe Saporta will be present. And with all his catchy pop sensibilities and outstanding stage presence, this looks to be an act that will leave you in a hot mess.

But if you wish for your senses to fly even higher (like a G6 perhaps?), then get those bottles ready because Far East Movement(21 Sep) will be dropping on down as well. Doing us Asians proud in the global charts with their hits ‘Rocketeer’, ‘Turn Up The Love’, and their breakthrough single ‘Like A G6’, this is one movement that’s here to stay. Bass never sounded dirtier with these guys.

#5 Showing love for our regional talent – M-Flo, Yuna, and Kevin Lester

And lastly what’s a world festival without acts close to home? One act to look out for is the hip-hop duo from Japan, M-FLO (date TBC). This is one act that’s not only established in Japan, but they also consist of members who’ve collaborated with global acts like Kanye West and Beastie Boys.  

Also dropping down from our neighbours up north will be Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna (21 Sep), whose talents have spread far from her roots, and into the global charts of USA and Denmark. Self-proclaiming her sound as a cross between Mary Poppins and Coldplay, her songs are a romantic blend of folk and indie pop.

Of course, a big heads-up to our very own Lion City Boy Kevin Lester (20 Sep), the Singaporean emcee whose hip-hop dreams have earned him a #1 spot on the local iTunes charts. Coming a long way from his frontman duties of local soul collective Sixx, Lester’s on his way to making a global mark for himself.

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