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5 sports that complement your job

By Azim AzmanEvents - 18 February 2013 4:27 PM | Updated 28 January 2016

5 sports that complement your job

To say that the working week is stressful, would be like saying that the sky is blue. We think that the trick to surviving is to commit to a sport on weekends. Here’s a list of five sports, matched to what we think are professions most suited for it.


If you are a teacher: Boxing

Teaching is a thankless job. You spend countless hours marking, chasing after forgetful kids for homework, and suffer the ire of irate and irritating parents. Boxing gives you an outlet to punch out the accumulated annoyances.

Participate: In all seriousness though, boxing is a fantastic workout. Vanda Boxing is a gym that specialises in the art of boxing and Muay Thai. They accept beginners so don’t worry if you are rather new to the whole affair. You might not be able float like a butterfly but all that shuffling and dodging of punches goes a long way to maintain and perhaps even improve your hand-eye coordination. It’s perfect to keep your blood pressure down after a long day at school. At $200 a month for a year’s membership, it’s much cheaper than psychotherapy, and more fun too.

Vanda Boxing | 108 Robinson Road, #01-01 Finexis Building | Tel: 67621182

If you are a coder/programmer: Hash House Harriers

We are betting that you have the complexion of an extra in a vampire movie. We know that the future is in code but everyone benefits from some sun from time to time. That’s why we have suggested something for you guys that involves the great outdoors.

Participate: This is basically a game of catch, updated to include cross country running and a bit of tracking. There are two groups, the “hares”, who are chased by the “hounds”, usually through some trail. The hares leave clues like used newspapers to mark the trail for the hounds to follow and chase. There are several groups running this sport and all of them have different membership prices. The men-only Hash House Harriers cost $125 per quarter to join. Don’t worry about it being too competitive because it’s not. The social element is as important as the physical element, so expect beers and merry making after every session.

Hash Hound Harriers | This site lists all the various hash run groups in Singapore.

If you are a lawyer: Golf

You spend your days huddled in your cubicles researching legal loopholes for the benefit of your clients. So in those precious weekends where you can peel yourself out of the tombs of legislation, a round of golf would probably do you good.

Participate: Those long hours in the office needs to be countered by walking around perfectly manicured lawns trying to get a small white ball into a small hole in as little shots as possible. Of course you can be honest and write your true score in your scorecard or you could use the skills in your day job and um, bend the truth. A full 18 rounds at the National Service Resorts & Country Club costs $51.36 as a member, with a $5,000 fee for a five year membership. It’s one of the more affordable clubs in Singapore so don’t expect fees to be the same at other clubs, though as a lawyer we think this would be the least of your worries.

National Service Resorts & Country Club | 10 Changi Coast Walk | Tel: 65428288

ballroom dancing
Ballroom dancing

If you are a creative in advertising: Ballroom dancing

You battle day in day out with clients’ contradictory briefs. You struggle to express your creative ideas within the confines of the client’s very narrow demands. You need an outlet, and in competitive ballroom dancing, you will find it.

Participate: Don’t scoff; the International Olympic Committee has recognised it as an Olympic sport, making it eligible for inclusion in future games. Sparkly sequins aside, we reckon dancing is the perfect antidote for all the suffering your client puts you through during the working week. At $120 for eight sessions, the Dance Sport Academy will have you waltzing to the cha-cha in no time at all. So go on, express your suppressed creativity by donning that one-piece sequined suit and dance shoes.

The Dance Sport Academy | Chinese Swimming Club, Level 3 Recreation Complex, 21 & 34 Amber Road | Tel: 64403303 


If you are an accountant: Rugby

You have this perverse need to make sure that all the zeros line up perfectly in that spreadsheet of yours. You also know 45 more Excel keyboard shortcuts than your average Excel user. So rugby is right up your alley.

Participate: Aside from the physical contact that would generally be classified as assault if it happened outside the game, it actually a game base on organisation. Every position has a unique responsibility. The “hooker” for example is named because his job is to compete and hook the ball back during scrums. Teams train drill for hours on moves so as to be able to pull them off come game time. Thus in reality the game also requires an analytical mind. There are several well establish rugby clubs in Singapore for you to join. Wanderers R.F.C for example has a membership fee of $300 per year which allows you full playing privileges.

Wanderers R.F.C | Training takes place in two locations; Kallang Softball and Baseball Association and United World College Dover, depending on the weather | Tel: 90085569