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5 things you didn’t know about Green Lantern

By Wang DexianMovies - 18 June 2011 9:33 AM | Updated 9:51 AM

5 things you didn’t know about Green Lantern

Time travel, intergalactic space travels, and flying into the sun and romances with green skinned babes… just some of the many things they encounter. Well, you know… no biggie. Just another normal day for Earth’s Green Lantern. It’s what they do.

Full of mythology and lore, the world of the Green Lanterns can be very daunting to anyone but the fan boy. We take you through a crash course through the beginnings as well as some established facts one might need to understand about this universe.


Guardians of the Universe


No.1 - The Guardians Of The Universe

Their name always reminds us of that song Queen did for the Highlander movie (“THE PRINCES OF THE UNIVERSE”), so we’ll try not to break out in song here. But that’s beside the point. The Guardians were one of the first intelligent life forms in the DC Comics stories. Blue-skinned, short and always with a head of white hair, they seem to resemble elderly smurfs rather than the all-powerful beings they’re supposed to be. They’re much wiser than the smurfs though, so with the aim of combating evil throughout the universe in mind, they created the Green Lantern Corps.

No. 2 - An army of green

The hero of the movie, Hal Jordan is arguably the most popular and famous of all Green Lanterns. Originally tasked with the patrol of our galactic “sector”, Hal eventually moved onto many other things in the comics. Along with other happenings, the Green Lantern Corps had to replace him and tapped many other humans to be Lanterns, most notably Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner.

The Green Lantern Corps also consists of many other alien beings. Kilowog, Sinestro and Tomar Re are just many of the fantastical beings that make up the Corps, who have an estimated 7200 members patrolling 3600 sectors!

Oddly enough, the first Green Lantern of Earth Alan Scott doesn’t operate with the Corps. He instead draws his powers from a green flame or the “Starheart”, wears a drastically different costume with shades of red and instead has a ring that initially had a weakness to wood.

No.3 –The Power Ring

The weapon of the Lanterns is that of the power ring. Dependent on the wielder’s mind, it is able to create green constructs of anything that the wielder can imagine. Kyle Rayner, because of his profession as a freelance artist was typically creative with his use of the ring in the comics. Thus, it was a bit disconcerting when early trailers showed Hal Jordan firing a MACHINE GUN. If you could make anything in the world, would you make a machine gun? Other powers associated with it also include flight and force fields amongst many others.

Most power rings have a weakness to the colour yellow. Yeah, we hear you. This all powerful weapon doesn’t even pose a threat to Big Bird. Doh!

The rings also typically have to recharge every 24 hours. They are placed into a lantern (tada! Hence the name!) and usually, the user chants an oath.

In brightest day, in blackest night, 

No evil shall escape my sight 

Let those who worship evil's might, 

Beware my power... Green Lantern's light!

Green Lantern Corps


The Power Ring

No. 4 –Deadly Foes: Sinestro and Parallax

Two of Hal Jordan’s deadliest enemies are in the movie. Sinestro, Hal’s tough as nails instructor, would eventually spilt from the Corps, becoming a thorn in their hide for many years. He even formed his own Sinestro Corps (we suggest you stay behind for the end credits)!

Parallax on the other hand… remember that lame weakness to yellow? That’s him.  A parasitic entity born from the colour yellow (that’s the colour of fear, guys) on the emotional spectrum, Parallax is FEAR itself. To counter it, the Guardians imprisoned it within the central battery on their planet Oa (or the Lost Sector in the movie) using willpower, the opposite of fear. This causes the impurity and weakness to yellow of the rings. Thus, candidates who are recruited are usually fearless and with experience, able to pinpoint the root of this weakness and in turn, overcome it.

No. 5 – Green and Red go hand in hand

Being a member of the famed Justice League of America, Hal Jordan has many cool people to call friends. Spending time busting bad folks with Supes and Bats is typical of many of his days. Green Arrow is also one of his better buddies. However, one thing has remained true of every Green Lantern. They’re always close friends with the Flash of their time!

Alan Scott and Jay Garrick, the Green Lantern and Flash of the Golden Age of comics are best geriatric bros. Hal and Barry Allen, the pair of the silver age took on many foes together as well.  Kyle Rayner and Wally West continued their tradition. Coincidence? We think not. Green Lantern and Flash will always be intertwined to the comic book fan.

Green Lantern is now showing in theaters.